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1. Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP) is a flagship distribution strengthening programme of Ministry of power, Govt of India launched in July 2008 by MoP during XI Five Year Plan (2007-12)
2.Aims at reducing the Aggregate Technical and Commercial (AT&C) losses of selected towns to less than 15% over a period of 5 years
3.A project under the scheme is taken up in Two Parts.
     1.Part-A shall include the projects for establishment of baseline data and IT applications for energy accounting/auditing & IT based consumer service centres.
     2.Part-B shall include distribution strengthening projects.
        BESCOM is the nodal agency for implementation of the Part-A IT project on behalf of all ESCOMs in Karnataka
4.The Project area comprises of Towns having population more than 30,000 as per 2001 Census.ESCOM wise towns under RAPDRP project is as under


1.Overview of the project in Karnataka:

1.Single solution for all ESCOMs
2.Each ESCOM project to be treated individually by ITIA –Overall guidance & support from the office of the Chairman (ESCOMs)
3.DGPS based GIS survey of 57,000 KMs & 72+ lakhs consumers
4.AMR Implementation for DTs and HT customers – 65,000+ modems
5.Establishment of LAN, MPLS, VPN across 700+ offices in 98 towns
6. Customer Call center per ESCOM with toll free number
7.Training of approx. 5000+ utility personnel

IT Implementation Agency – M/s. Infosys Technologies Ltd were appointed as IT Implementation Agency for all the ESCOMs of Karnataka.

IT Consultant -common for all ESCOMs
1.M/s. Reliance Infrastructure Ltd from 2009 to 2014
2.M/s. Ernst & Young LLP from 2015 till 2017

TPIEA-IT – M/s. PGCIL have been appointed as the Third Party Independent Evaluation agency (TPIEA-IT) for all ESCOMs in Karnataka by PFC for verification and certification of completion of project implementation.

Data Centre– Co-hosted at Bangalore

Disaster Recovery Centre – Co-hosted at Chennai

Primary NBSP -M/s Reliance Communications Ltd

Secondary NBSP– M/s Bharti Airtel Ltd


2.Modules of RAPDRP Part A:

There are 17 modules which are listed below which are to be implemented in the programme:

1.Meter Data Acquisition (MDA)
2.Energy Audit (EA)
3.New Connection (NC)
4.Disconnection & Dismantling (DD)
5.Development of Commercial Database of Consumers (Comm DB)
6.Metering (MBC)
7.Billing (MBC)
8.Collections (MBC)
9.Centralized Customer Care Services (CCC)
10..Web Self Service (WSS)
11.Asset Management (WAMS)
12.Asset Maintenance (WAMS)
13.GIS based customer Indexing and asset mapping (GIS)
14GIS based integrated network analysis module (NA)
15.Management Information System(MIS)
16.System Security Requirement (SSR)
17.Identity and Access Management system (IDAM)


3.Current status of the project:

1. RAPDRP-Part-A project has been implemented in all the 98 towns across all ESCOMs in Karnataka and are declared Enterprise “Go-Live” as on 23.03.2016 to PFC.

2. Facility Management Service (FMS) is in place for 5 years from 01.04.2016 to 31.03.2021.

3. System is in place for generation of Energy Audit reports at Town level, Feeder level and DT level. Updating incremental data of assets and consumers in GIS on continuous basis, meters/ modem communications levels are monitored regularly for achieving acceptable AT&C loss levels.

4. PFC has approved extension of timeline for the completion of Part-A (IT) projects for all ESCOMs in Karnataka up to 31.12.2017 and Loan closing date for conversion to grant up to 31.03.2018.

5. Verification of completion of implementation of the project is completed by M/s PGCIL, the designated TPIEA-IT and the final verification reports are submitted to PFC.

6. Final claims submitted to PFC/MoP for financial closure.

7. Project Closure in Karnataka and Final DPR sanction approved by 12th Monitory Committee meeting under MoP dated  18.06.2018 with loan amountb conversion into grant.

8. Project completion and final As-built DPR approved by PFC on 06.07.2018.


4. IT enablement under IPDS

1.Govt. of India has launched Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) for the urban areas with the following Objectives:

 ♦ Strengthening of Sub-transmission and Distribution network
 ♦ Metering of feeders / distribution transformers / consumers
 ♦ IT enablement of distribution sector and strengthening of distribution network
 ♦ Subsuming R-APDRP in IPDS and carrying forward the approved outlay for RAPDRP to IPDS.

2.The proposal of IT enablement under Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) will cover PFC prescribed 21 towns of GESCOM out of 124 towns of ESCOMs in Karnataka. The population of the towns as per 2011 census is the basis for selection of the towns.

ESCOM wise towns under IPDS project is as under



5.The DPR and Sanctioned Costs for IT enablement under IPDS in 124 towns of all five ESCOM’s including DC/DR incremental cost of all ESCOMs as below:

ESCOM No of Towns DPR Cost(Rs. Cr) Sanctioned Cost(Rs. Cr) Difference(Rs. Cr) PMA Sanctioned Cost(Rs. Cr)
BESCOM 20 8.23 7.38 0.85 0.17
DC-DR   63.56 26.54 37.02  
BESCOM   71.79 33.92 37.87  
MESCOM 18 5.84 4.76 1.08 0.024
CESC 21 7.33 6.81 0.52 0.034
HESCOM 44 10.57 10.22 0.35 0.051
GESCOM 21 7.55 6.27 1.28 0.031
Total 124 103.08 61.98 41.1 0.31


6.Scope of work:

The present IT system under RAPDRP has adequate provision in the design of Datacenter (DC) /Disaster recovery center (DR) for meeting the ultimate requirement of entire state power utilities. To extend the coverage to additional towns, only incremental expenditure shall be required in DC / DR and benefit of the IT-based system for energy accounting and auditing can be derived in such towns also. The scope also covers preparation of Feeder and Town wise consumer database/bill book and linking with existing GIS Application, so that Feeder wise AT&C loss and Town wise AT&C loss can be calculated.


7.Outcome of IT Enablement

   1.Proper Energy Accounting and Auditing
   2.Accurate measurement of AT&C losses
   3.Improvement in Consumer satisfaction
   4.Automatic Data Logging for all Distribution Transformers & Feeders
   5.Asset Mapping of the entire distribution network at & below the 11kV Voltage levels
   6.Adoption of IT applications for meter reading, billing & collection


8.Present Status:

The DPR for IT enablement in 124 towns of all five ESCOM’s under IPDS was submitted to IPDS Monitoring Committee through M/s PFC on obtaining the SLDRC approval dated 21.02.2017 for an amount of Rs. 103.08 Crores (including DC/DR incremental cost of all ESCOMs). The Sanctioned cost of all ESCOM’s put together is Rs. 61.98 Crores as against the total estimated project cost of Rs.103.08 crores.




The Govt. of India proposed to continue R-APDRP during the XI Plan with revised terms and conditions as a Central Sector Scheme. The focus of the program shall be on
    1.Actual, demonstrable performance in terms of sustained loss reduction.
    2.Aims at reducing the overall Aggregate Technical and Commercial (AT&C) losses of distribution companies.
    3.Establishment of reliable and automated systems for sustained collection of accurate base line data.
    4.The adoption of information Technology in the areas of energy accounting before taking up the regular distribution strengthening projects.


Program Coverage:

It is proposed to cover urban areas –towns and cities with population of more than 30,000 as per the 2001 census and AT & C losses should be more than 15%.



1.To reduce AT&C Losses of selected towns to less than 15% over a period of 5 years.

2.To reduce annually overall AT&C losses of ESCOMs

3.By 3% if the existing AT&C Losses are more than 30%.

4.By 1.5% if the existing AT&C Losses are less than 30%.


Salient features of R-APDRP

1.Bring about commercial viability
2.Reduce outages & interruptions
3.Increase consumer satisfaction
4.R-APDRP consist of 2 Parts, Part-A & Part-B.
           1.Part-A shall include the projects for establishment of baseline data and IT applications for energy accounting/auditing & IT based consumer service centers.
           2.Part-B shall include regular distribution strengthening projects for reduction of AT & C losses less than 15%. The activities/Scope to be covered under each part are as  follows


  Distribution Strengthening in Project Area:

 1.Renovation & Modernization of 11 kV Sub-Station, DTRs/DTCs.
 2.Re-Conductoring of lines 11kV & below.
 3.Feeder Separation.
 4.Load Balancing.
 5.Replacement of Meters.
 6.Capacitor Banks, Mobile Service Centers and Mobile Sub-Stations etc.


Sources of funding:


GoI will provide up to 25% Loan for Part B, after attaining the mile stone of AT&C losses, as per trajectory will be converted into grant.The balance 75% shall be sourced from FIs/REC/PFC etc.
 1.Up to 50% loan for Part-B projects shall be converted into grant in five equal trenches on achieving 15% AT&C loss in the project area duly verified by Third Party Independent   Evaluation Agency- Energy Accounting (TPIEA-EA) on a sustainable basis for a period of five years. If the utility fails to achieve 15% AT&C loss target in a particular year, that year’s trench of conversion to grant will be reduced in proportion to the short fall in achieving 15% AT&C loss.
2.The sanctioned DPR works shall be executed on Turnkey basis for better quality and timely completion of project.



Pre requisite for Part-B :

1.The towns/project area should have been included in Part-A of the R-APDRP.
2.The towns/project area should have more than 15% of AT&C losses.



Major Guidelines for Part-B issued by MOP:

1.The utilities will be required to achieve AT&C loss reduction at the entire utility level every year starting one year after the year in which first project of the Part-A is completed.
2.Utilities having AT&C loss above 30%: Reduction by 3% per year.
3.Utilities having AT&C loss below 30%: Reduction by 1.5 % per year
4.The Part-B project shall be completed within three years from the date of its sanction.
5.The AT&C loss of the project area duly certified by TPIEA before start of Part-B works, will be treated as Base Line AT&C loss of the project area for all purposes.
6.Utility has to ensure Ring Fencing of the project area.
7.Utility has to establish the Baseline AT&C losses before implementation of Part-B.
8.Return on investment for the project shall not be less than 10%.
9.Project shall be executed on total turnkey basis.




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