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Save Power

Switch off lights and electrical appliances when not in use.
1. Make maximum use of sunlight and avoid using artificial light during day time.
2. Keep lamps and fixtures clean to get more light.
3. Paint walls and ceilings with light colours.
4. Reducing wattage of incandescent bulbs or replace them with fluorescent tubes.
5. Tube lights consume less electricity, give more light and have longer life.
6. Use capacitors with Tube lights.
7. Don't keep refrigerator door open unnecessarily.
8. Keep grills and condenser coils clean.
9. Use Thermostat control switches for electric stove, heaters and iron box etc.
10. While going out of the house for a long period switch off the main supply.
11. Use ISI marked materials for interior wiring.


Tips To Consumers - Commercial:-
1. Sunlight is free light. Make maximum use of it. 
2. Decrease partition heights wherever possible.
3. Avoid use of decorative and concealed lighting.
4. Use wiring of proper size to reduce energy loss and fire hazards.
5. Use coolers and air conditioners sparingly.
6. Turn off all lights other than security lights when building is not occupied.


Tips To Consumers – Industrial:-
1.     Motors should be kept clean to help them cool properly. For Induction motors an Electronic soft starter, which are ready available in markets, boosts the efficiency of motors, operating below their rated output. Energy savings for significant for motors operating at less than 50% load for 50% of time.
2.     Use shunt capacitors across motor terminals to reduce KVA charges and also avoid damage to motors.
3.     Keep the main switch of installation as near the motor as possible, so that we can switch off the supply immediately after use.
4.     Lubricate motors and motor drives regularly to reduce friction.
5.     Tighten belts and pulley at regular intervals to reduce loss of energy due to 'slip'.
6.     Motor should be placed as close to the load as possible.
7.     The windings of any under loaded, 3 phase motors can be re-connected in star rather than Delta connection. This reduces the voltages across the windings to give 58% of the rated values. Hence motors running at less than 58% of full load will be benefited. This is a cheaper option buying a smallar motor and as per studies conducted, the difference in performance between star connected and standard and these motors is minimal.
8.     Make greater use of daylight.
9.     Match motors to your requirement. Oversized motors will waste energy. Use motors of high efficiency.
10.  Replace worn out bearings immediately and ensure timely repairs.
11.  Use ISI - Brand motors

12.  Every time the motor is rewound, its efficiency comes down by 2 to 10% even if wire of adequate size is used. On an average a new motor burnt out and rewound losses about 5% efficiency due to heat damange to steel laminations.


Tips To Consumers - I Pumpset User:-
1. Low Resistance foot valves save 10% energy.
2. Suction pipes of rigid P.V.C. save 10% energy.
3. Proper alignment of pump and motor saves energy. Pumps should be within 3 metres of the water level.
4. Match pump sets to head and discharge requirements to save over 25% energy.
5. Larger pipes save upto 15% energy.
6. Match motors to your requirement. Oversized motors waste energy. Use motors of high efficiency.
7. Keep delivery pipe as close to ground level as possible.
8. Provide shunt capacitors at the terminals of motors to keep voltage condition stable and avoid damage to motors.
9. Use ISI mark motors and motor of I.S standards. 

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